Work on a project

Today I was adding something to a (stale) project I started in January, and an idea for improved movement popped into my head. Sometime next month, I should be prepared to post more about this project. If I don’t, I may need some encouragement.

Not Red-Square

Hey readers, It’s been a while! Yesterday I made a small game. If you wonder why people like myself make small games, it’s so we don’t forget our hobby. For me, this was the 1st thing I made in months.

Here’s the source code, because I didn’t feel like figuring out how to compile it on my Windows partition.(Made in SDL)

Use the arrow keys to move your character.

Also, Please follow me on twitter, it makes me feel like I’m popular. @earboxer


Yesterday I implemented attacking in DataBattle. It’s pretty cool so far.

Artifacts on top screen are because of text system, and, when I decide to,  they will stop existing :D .

Right now you can hurt the other character, and yourself (should change later). I have a basic framework for all attacks set up, so in the future, all attack types will be easy to add. I just have one small problem to work out, and then attacking will be perfect.

I still want comments! Tell me your favorite characters from Spybotics, The nightfall incident. I know I want hacks, bugs, and golems, but I also want to know what multi-purpose units to put in.

DataBattle update

In my new project, DataBattle, I have completed the movement system. Next thing for me to add is the attack system. I could use some help though; I’d like to know who your favorite “programs” are from ‘the nightfall incident‘.  Please leave a comment because I get lonely.

These guys aren’t from ‘the nightfall incident,’ they are my original creation!

DataBattle started

Dear Readers, I have put my project “Sweatshirt” on hold as PAlib is almost dead. I also recently started a new project; it’s called DataBattle. I’m making this game using only libnds. All I have so far is one tiled background loaded using metatiles.

DataBattle is supposed to become a turn based strategy game based on THIS GAME (Warning, it’s very addicting). I plan to have either DS to DS multi-player, or a computer character. I also hope to make a level editor (on the DS).

PS: no bitman.

Info about current project

  • sidescroller
  • main character can crawl
  • no idea how levels will get finished
  • still working on sprites
  • lots of glitches
  • code-name is hidden somewhere on this page

New Computer setup

I upgraded my computer a few days ago, and I have recently gotten it to compile! And I’m not dead. I passed middle school successfully.

Today, I installed a program that lets me use my computers together. . . or maybe not, but I can use the same mouse and keyboard(and clipboard data)over both. The program is called synergy, its cross-platform, with no GUI on the mac and linux versions. A program called quicksynergy was made to allow easy configuration for mac and linux versions, but it lacks offline instructions. To find out how it works, you need to read a comment on the wiki page for Configuring quicksynergy.

Simple explanation of how it works.

  • mouse is plugged into computer 1
  • I drag cursor over to the left side of screen
  • cursor appears on computer 2

synergy website

quicksynergy website


I added a clock to the menu and pause.

HelicopterDS minor update(.21)

I added a 3-2-1-Go countdown. Click for Download.

Impossible Tic-Tac-Toe

I believe I have made an impossible tic-tac-toe game.

If you happen to win, post a screenshot in the comments
EDIT: added Icon and description text.

EDIT: I made it “more” Impossible

EDIT3: I believe that now it is completely Impossible