Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Winter compo release!

Here is the version that I will probably send to the compo.

New features

  • 2 more levels
  • splash screens
  • credits
  • fixed 500 points glitch
  • Rainbow color

EDIT: I apologize to anyone who downloaded this before this edit appeared. I had a MAJOR bug that I didn’t see because I didn’t test it on my DS and always exited the emulator before exiting a level. If you have downloaded that version, please re-download.


I added another color.

It’s not a color.

It’s a cycle of colors.

to do

Here is my to-do list

  • splash screen Done!
  • music in menu (having problems with streaming music in as-lib)
  • credits screen Done!
  • more levels (Now I have 2 tiled levels)
  • A random level?

5 days left.

In other news, I have installed One minute per day. It allows you to see what happened on your computer screen (and webcam) during a 24 hour period in just one minute.

version .189

In this version I bring to you…

  • A button that makes you able to go through bricks(no visual feedback)
  • A (hidden) bubble that give you bad gas! Charizard is hiding the extra fuel
  • A glitch that wastes your time
  • A saving system that will probably break
  • Ice level that sucks (comment if you’re interested in making levels)
  • un-accessible levels
Helicopter DS pre-sumthin beta picture

Yeah, it stinks.

Anyway, here’s the download link

Next week, I plan to have

  • Updated menu
  • more stages
  • a randomly generated stage
  • tutorial level that can teach people how to play