Yesterday I implemented attacking in DataBattle. It’s pretty cool so far.

Artifacts on top screen are because of text system, and, when I decide to,  they will stop existing :D .

Right now you can hurt the other character, and yourself (should change later). I have a basic framework for all attacks set up, so in the future, all attack types will be easy to add. I just have one small problem to work out, and then attacking will be perfect.

I still want comments! Tell me your favorite characters from Spybotics, The nightfall incident. I know I want hacks, bugs, and golems, but I also want to know what multi-purpose units to put in.

  • Jon

    Hey, Zach! Glad to see you worked on it some more. Wizard and MemoryHog, definitely. Let’s see…Bit-man…short and long range units…

  • Jon

    ..oh, and DataDoctors!

  • earboxer

    No bitman. Bitman makes the game unfair.
    About memoryhog, my 256 sprite limitation is a big reason I wouldn’t want him in. My plan is 16 characters 12 sprites for each. That way I have 64 sprites for the movement and targeting. The largest character I plan on is Sumo; he’s 12 spaces.

    Wizard is a great choice for this game.

  • Chris

    Bitman really is necessary. Many levels in the nightfall incident couldn’t be completed without it, and it was extremely fun as part of some strategies. Of course you would have to balance it or give the enemy a similar program.
    -turbo (+move)

    This is looking very promising. I think i’ll go waste a couple more hours on the nightfall incident.
    Good work!

  • earboxer

    The thing I most fear is how the AI having a Bitman would interfere with path-finding I hope to implement. As for balancing, I think having him lose 3 out of 4 squares for each attack would discourage people from overusing him.

  • Chris

    That sounds pretty much perfect, actually. Though I remember being able to erase the tile under one of my programs, and then they would be invinsible. Watch out for that with the bitman.

  • Mati

    Awesome project, bro!

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