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Yesterday I implemented attacking in DataBattle. It’s pretty cool so far.

Artifacts on top screen are because of text system, and, when I decide to,  they will stop existing :D .

Right now you can hurt the other character, and yourself (should change later). I have a basic framework for all attacks set up, so in the future, all attack types will be easy to add. I just have one small problem to work out, and then attacking will be perfect.

I still want comments! Tell me your favorite characters from Spybotics, The nightfall incident. I know I want hacks, bugs, and golems, but I also want to know what multi-purpose units to put in.

Info about current project

  • sidescroller
  • main character can crawl
  • no idea how levels will get finished
  • still working on sprites
  • lots of glitches
  • code-name is hidden somewhere on this page

Impossible Tic-Tac-Toe

I believe I have made an impossible tic-tac-toe game.

If you happen to win, post a screenshot in the comments

EDIT: added Icon and description text.

EDIT: I made it “more” Impossible

EDIT3: I believe that now it is completely Impossible

Colors and cheat codes

Today, I programmed favorite colors into the game, so, your DS’ favorite color is the color of the ship. Special thanks to Kono. I also have tiles about 30% done.

I have figured out a cool way to have secret features in any ds game. If your DS’ text is something special, then something special happens. Simple, huh? Also I would be able to make something special happen if you are using Desmume.

“Desmume makes you happy!”—yop yop

If ten of my fans comment saying they want a release, I will post one within a week.


Hello, This is Earboxer, also known as 34®ß0*3®.

I’m currently programming a clone of “Helicopter” for the DS, called Helicopter DS(gotta love my creativity).

A screenshot from the first release

My latest release is v.11, but I should have a new release inAWHILE

Download of Latest Public Beta

Progress of unreleased features (not in public beta)

  • Saving 100%
  • Menu 40% (just plain old text)
  • Gas Refill Pickups 100%
  • No required High score to unlock new modes and no 3-laps mode 100%

Planned Features

  • Tile system 0%
  • Randomly generated levels 0%
  • Winter theme for 2009 winter coding competition 0%
  • Online score sharing 0%
  • Music/Sound effects 0%